“I am very happy with the feedback I received about (my child's) progress in school and I am looking forward to more great learning at home.” “I am happy with (my child's) progress and know she is happy in school and has developed a lot.” “(My child) is always really happy to come to school” “We are very pleased with his performance and his improvement in all activities as well as in his studies. Thank you for taking care of (my child)” “I am happy and proud of (my child's) progress. He is loving school and is doing his homework each week, without any worries.” “It has been an excellent learning journey for (my child) and he has developed his knowledge, reading and writing. Credit goes not only to his hard work, but also to his class teachers who have been his driving mentor. A big thank you to the teachers for their hard work and dedication.” “I can see a big improvement with reading and writing and I am really happy with that.” “I am pleased with (my child's) progress at home as well as at school. She loves coming to school and learning.” “I am so proud of (my child) this year! He has managed to get out of his shell and apply his knowledge in his everyday life. He would create his own stories, retell us historic facts, open up atlases in order to prove, improve or show off about what he has been doing every day! His favourite part was to ask me to challenge him in maths, which was quite impressive as he would show me methods unknown to me! Thank you for all your efforts and kind support to both of us on a daily basis.” “The staff have been reassuring and given feedback on the children’s progress as it should be.” “I appreciate that the staff is helping my daughter to integrate in her class and to learn speaking English better.” “I notice that my son is developing in Southville Infants School very well. This school is providing outstanding care for my son and he loves his teachers.” “You are doing a great job. Thank you” “I have had three children go to this school and I am pleased with the way that they have all been treated with respect in every way. It is a great school and that’s why when I moved from Bedfont to Hounslow, I didn’t want to remove my children from this school, so I travel every day to get my children to this school on time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” “My parents especially enjoyed the Grandparents Day and the Christmas CD.” “The traveller teacher has been very good with our children.” “I am very happy with the teachers and my child’s progress at school. Really appreciate the teacher’s hard work and effort” “The school is very good and the school staff and teachers are very friendly. They do their job very well.” “(My child's) IEP meetings have been an excellent asset to his development.” “I would just like to say that the school have continued to support our kids the way that they always do and I really appreciate it. Thank you for everything!” “I’m very impressed with the school and I am happy (my son) is in this school as he is happy and that is most important. Thanks for your support!” “Thank you so much for giving both (of my children) an amazing foundation to their education and I will truly miss the whole school, especially the wonderful teachers, management and other staff.” “Great Support from the Head Teacher with behaviour issues in the past.” “Overall, I’m very happy with the school. (My son) always says that he has had a good day at school and he is always happy to go to school” “I’m glad my son had the extra support from the staff in the beginning as I think this has helped him. I know if I have any problems I can talk to his teachers who are always helpful and do listen.”

Make a Splash

We are glad to say that the Make a Splash programme has started this week and all the children have been very excited to take part! We are very proud of the children; as this is the first time that some of the children have ever been in a swimming pool and they have all been showing our school value of confidence when over at the pool!

Some reminders:

No watches or jewellery are allowed.
It would be really helpful if parents could make sure that children wear no jewellery at all to school on swim days.
If your child has recently got their ears pierced (under 2 months ago) please let the teacher know.

What do children need to wear?
Boys need to wear shorts, above the knee, ideally with no pockets. They may wear goggles and a swimming cap if they wish.
Girls need to wear a swimming costume (preferably not a bikini). They may wear goggles and a swimming cap if they wish. If they have long hair, they are strongly advised to wear a swimming cap. (We have a stock in school for children to borrow if they do not have one of their own).

If, for any reason, cultural or otherwise, parents wish their daughters to be more covered, they may wear tight leggings or cycling shorts, and a tight t-shirt UNDER their swimming costume.

Please ensure children bring a named towel with them on their swim days. Please make a note of the days your child’s class will be swimming and remember that everything they need must be named and brought to school in a named plastic/waterproof bag.

If you have not paid you can pay the full amount or in instalments at the office, please send this into school, ideally in a sealed, named envelope.

After school
The pool is also available for community use after school, on Saturdays and during half term. Parents can sign their children up for additional lessons, or book to swim themselves.

To book, and to find out more information: 0161 7642224
Please let all of your friends and family know about this - the more people that benefit from our pool, the better!

For more details on the Make a Splash Programme, you can view the letter we sent home here.

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